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Ganesh Tea, when brewed, releases an essence of enigmatic vapours to give a quintessential start to your day. A niche reflection of a premium cup can be defined in each and every sip of Ganesh Tea.

Ganesh Tea = Trust


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Years of Consistent, Fresh Quality



Indian. and Local.


In 1986

Ganesh Tea revolutionized the Tea Market; bringing the ‘premium’ to the common man. Maharashtra experienced the premium mentoring in tea. A divine taste and delightful aroma says it all. When it brews, a bouquet of redolence serves the blooming essence to the soul. Exotic aroma and strong taste have been the forte of Ganesh Tea. We care for every cup of tea that is brewed; we maintain best quality to ensure perfect tea every time and we put all the efforts to maintain the legacy.

Ganesh Tea is procured from the tea plantations in Assam, grown by the experts, handpicked to ensure best quality, the consistency in taste and make your taste buds happier.

See why people love Ganesh Tea so much…

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Best tea. Loving it.

In real sense, this is premium strong tea with nice aroma and sweetness. A premium tea for all income level groups may it be middle class females like us or high end urban house. Best tea. Loving it.

Aashi Chordia

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Strong Tea. Satisfied

Kaddak chay, peene ke baad susti udaa de. Satisfied to our full family

Ajit Sahakre

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Best Tea in Mumbai

Company that sells the best Tea in Mumbai

Karan Shah

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Reasonable Rate and Strong, Tasty Tea

very strong and tasty tea for good tea lovers at reasonable rates

Vilas Belanke

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pure Assam kadak tea

A1 taste good service strong tea. Kadak tea pure Assam tea good rate and perfect taste

Abhishek Tiwari

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These testimonials are taken from Google and our Facebook Page, and are written by real people with their experiences with Ganesh Tea.

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Reasons to choose

Ganesh Tea


Better Quality

Hand-picked Tea imported straight from the tea plantations in Assam.


Better Taste

Ganesh Tea is premium, stronger tea to soothe your taste buds, and send you into a heavenly feel.


Fresher Tea

Stock of Ganesh Tea gets renewed frequently, so you can expect fresher, stronger quality tea every time.


Health Conscious

Ganesh Tea reduces stress, brightens your mood. It is also healthy for your social life; share a cup of Ganesh Tea with family, friends or neighbours and share moments of ecstasy.


Ethically sourced Tea


Tea plantation workers in Assam who procure Ganesh Tea are well-paid and not overworked. The lives of these workers is much respected, and we’re thankful to them since they bring us and you, the ecstasy of a cup of flavour-infused, quality tea; sending us to a heavenly feel with every sip of Ganesh Tea.